Microsoft And Apple The War Continues to Amuse

Computers have suddenly started turning into phones and phones are going to be used as personal computers for a long time in the future. Two major operating systems – Apple’s OS X and Microsoft’s Windows are on an overhaul of their operating systems. These giants of the computer world are set to release two major upgrades shortly.

Microsoft And Apple The War

What is New at Microsoft

Microsoft has announced recently that it is planning to release the latest operating system for computers and tablets, called Windows 8. It would run both on tablet devices operated exclusively through a touch screen and also on the traditional computer desktops. It uses the touch-friendly interface Metro that Microsoft uses in Windows Phone and can be switched to a traditional Windows desktop. The idea is to give consumers both the options and at the same time continue to serve those who are familiar with traditional windows appearance. Moving ahead it wants to counter the competition from Google which has the most popular cell phone operating system in Android by offering web-based sites and services that integrates with Android devices.

Apple and the Mountain Lion

Apple is not to be left behind. It has promised a new operating system for Macs that incorporates familiar elements from the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s Mountain Lion is expected to be released by middle of has several featuresof the iOS5 such as unified messaging, notifications and iCloud. Merger of Chat and FaceTime …

Ibm Announces Its Latest Line of Computers

The computer manufacturers, IBM have created an ace position by offering to users’ computers that are high on performance and low on glitches. Latest from their arsenal are the next generation computers that perform at a speed which is much faster when compared to all others. This innovative line of computers, which is named as ‘skyscraper’ as for now is anticipated to work say thousand times better than all its existing predecessors. Anyone reading this may find this a truth too hard to digest, but the company has already made this clear in a recent press release.

Ibm Announces Its Latest Line of Computers

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Based on the use of silicon chips layered by placing and stacking them on one top of the other, in this many tiny units are all amalgamated into one to help computers get the speed that’s anticipated. IBM is not alone on this venture and 3M is working with them to create computers and smartphones that are very fast. With no definite date still revealed, but the same is said to hit the markets in 2013.

The IBM IT support along with the products and services has always been liked by users and would be available for this new line of next generation computers too. While IBM would work on the technical aspect of the computer, 3M would provide hi-tech glues that will help in taking this revolutionary leap in computers easier.

One major concern that the company …

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

There’s an awful lot of discussion about the benefits of cloud computing – and not a whole lot about what it is, exactly. So how can you know if cloud computing technology is something that will actually be useful to you, if the very definition of cloud computing is as nebulous as its namesake?

Cloud Computing

If you’ve ever asked yourself “What is the cloud” or “How does cloud computing work,” then this is your lucky day. The following information was compiled to help readers understand the most basic elements of Microsoft cloud computing, and the advantages of taking to the Cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing technology is one you’re already familiar with if you use Gmail, Yahoo or AOL for your email. The cloud is a term used to describe the online networks where you work and play. In other words, the cloud is the place that holds all of your stuff – things like calendars, pictures, music – so that you can access it at any time. If you use social networking sites, you’ve already discovered the benefits of cloud computing for personal pleasure.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. A computer user subscribes to a cloud-based storage company, and then “sends” the information to that company. So instead of saving anything on your own personal computer, you’d save it on the online network run by the storage company. (One the benefits of cloud …

Seagate Has Announced Three Enterprise Class Hard Drives

Seagate, second largest manufacturer of hard drives in the industry. Announcing the launch of its new Enterprise disk Seagate Constellation CS, Savvio 10K.6 and Constellation ES.3.

seagate hard disk

The latest constellation ES.3 includes the sixth generation of Seagate’s 7200rpm, 3.5-in enterprise-class HDD that adds another terabyte of capacity at the high end of 4 TB versus 3TB in the predecessor model. This constellation ES.3 uses almost 9 % less power during idle times than the ES.2.

The constellation CS is what which call its enterprise value HDD which is a brand new 7200 rpm. A 3.5- in form factor drives that provide from 1 TB to 3TB of storage. Several low power device operates at under 6.4 watts. The new Constellation CS provides upto 14% faster data tranfer rated than other Seagate’s 3.5-in 6Gpbs SATA drive. Sustaining data transfer that ranges from 150 Mb per second to 180 MB per second and compared with the Barracuda’s 155 MB per second rate.

The latest new model provides a MTBF of 800,000 hrs versus 600,000 hrs in the Barracuda which has enterprise-class error connection firmware. This drive comes up with a 3-year warranty and enterprise-class support versus 2-year warranty with the standard support for the Barracuda.

Aiming at nearline storage applications that is data storage and not offline archive or primary storage. These drives would typically be used in the virtual tape library appliances. The Constellation CS provides native 256-bit AES encryption if …

How Will The Price Work if Flavor of Summer is a Cheaper iPhone?

When you are continuously reminded by a nagging and cunning competition in tech news that you are losing because you did not set your prices properly and damned by tech review experts for making such a superb device that can’t be priced lower what options do you have? This is also when you are offering the best possible in that world. In every measure the product is superior to competition but still you are losing. People have their ways of thinking and circumstances and education to support that, even justify. So Samsung never could come up to the level they are now to trouble Apple in Steve Jobs’ time. Either they feared him or they were not strong enough. Or Apple CEO never feared them. So against the growing rumors of a new iPhone this summer there is unmistakably a looming, intimidating shadow of Samsung. How is that going to affect this new product and subsequent business strategy of Apple?

Cheaper iPhone

It is apparent Apple is slowly and grudgingly acknowledging Samsung, whether in the court room or the market. Their reactions will also be to accommodate that acknowledgement. So it is very strongly expected that the new iPhone supposed to be released in Summer’13 will have adjusted price with possible restrictions in features and more aesthetics, losing their established get up. Since Apple has only one model they feel it hard to compete with Samsung in volume. But what it …

A Closer Look at Remote Desktop Protocol

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a secure network communications protocol developed by Microsoft for its Windows based applications. Microsoft first included RDP in Windows XP and now most versions of the Windows Operating system have RDP. Besides Windows, RDP is available for most versions of Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and other modern operating systems. An open source version of RDP is also now available. It has been designed to support different types of network topologies such as POTS, ISDN and LAN protocols such as NetBIOS, IPX, TCP/IP and so on.

remote desktop protocol

Some of the significant properties of RDP are resource sharing, smart card authentication, encryption, ability to use multiple displays, ability to disconnect temporarily without logging off and so on.

RDP is extremely useful for the mobile workforce as it helps them to access their office desktops remotely. With RDP remote access, users can log in to their office computers from anywhere and at any time. Even though they are remotely accessing their office desktops, users feel as if they are actually sitting at their desks and clicking and typing on their computer. The only difference with RDP is that the users are accessing the desktop remotely, otherwise everything from log in procedure to desktop icons arrangement are the same.

The following are some of the other notable features of RDP.

  • Audio and video Payback RedirectionThis allows users to run an audio or video program on the remote

Manage Your Color Schemes Through i1Xtreme

Have you ever come across a situation when you are stuck at a point where you want to give best quality to your photograph or picture, but are unable to do so due to the problem of an inadequate hardware. To avoid such situation and the consequent frustration, a hardware named i1Xtreme would be helpful. i1Xtreme is a hardware device that work wonders on any kind of color management scheme. The picture need not necessarily be on your laptop or computer screen rather it can control or measure colors on digital cameras, displays, scanners, projectors and printers of any shape and size. This can be done with the help of the ilBeamer kit that comes with the package.

Color Schemes Through i1Xtreme

All the necessary tools are provided in the i1Xtreme, so the flow of color gets implemented beautifully and successfully. The most important factor regarding the i1Xtreme is that it is extremely flexible and can handle any color related management scheme at any point. The new “Accelerated i1Pro” device and the famous i1Match software comes inclusive in i1Xtreme. i1Share software is another such power packed device that can be used proficiently.

The Eye One (i1) Xtreme has some unique benefits and features :

Each time you use the new accelerated i1Xtreme Pro,the speed and efficiency of the measurements increase gradually. The ruler system that comes along is easy and sophisticated enabling one hand scanning which can be used easily with or without …

Computer Repair in Houston Are The Records of All Time?

Houston computer repairs are general and will always be something Houston business owners have to attend to. There is no way you can pass up computer issues, as long as you have a computer. The need for a rapid and affordable repair is the top priority for the majority of business owners. Houston Computer Network Repair technicians are easily found and will offer you all the support you need and at a very affordable price.

Computer Repair in Houston

Houston Computer Network Service will come to your location to access the requirement. It will help us to know your present needs and requirements. This will enable us to provide you the finest solution which will help you to accelerate. We can address a single portion of your technology requirement or can design your old sites. Our technicians are skilled in dealing the nearly all complex problems for PC’s peripherals and over 1000 software applications. Remote technical support delivered through the internet to provide the maximum convenience of your home or office.

His office uses the technology for most of its running time on your computer needs to communicate with clients, customers and other businesses. Any system of your company that may be linked to the network and desktop functionality to offer its employees, important information is stored in databases on the hard disk is calculated. All problems with your server, network or individual computer systems can be handled easily by a good technical team …

The Boon of Barcodes to Businesses!

UPC codes abbreviated for universal product codes are actually secretively sequences 12 digit barcodes. Every UPC code is very unique. Every product has its own UPC code. These UPC codes are read through a laser machine. This laser recognizes the barcodes for those particular products that it signifies for. The rates are fed in the system itself, so every time a product is purchased the information about the stock is updated. In earlier times it used to be difficult to update stocks manually and manage the entire thing. This used to result in a lot of laborious work. Moreover it was very time and energy consuming job. But with the invention of UPC the times have changed. UPC has made managing the stock a lot more easy and less complicated. Gradually the concept is being spread in almost most of the countries of the world.


To buy UPC is like a boon showered on the retailer. Buy UPC and make your life a lot easier and less labor some. Now a days to buy UPC codes have become almost a trend. To buy UPC code has become a standard for any retailer. EAN code is considered the smart way to trade. Also EAN code is acceptable in most of the countries which makes it more accessible. To buy UPC codes is an easy task as they are easily available on line through many online service providers to buy UPC code. …